Complete Terms, Conditions and Shipping

Terms of service


Custom Glass Terrariums accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Diner's Club, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook pay through Shopify. Custom Glass Terrariums also accepts payment for custom orders through postal money orders, bank transfers, bank checks, credit cards by telephone or cash in person. Payment must be paid in full at the time the order is placed, unless specified otherwise in writing. 


All terrariums are individually hand made. Custom terrariums will be made with the Customer's dimensions and must be provided to Custom Glass Terrariums in writing at the time the order is placed. Payments can be transferred to other sizes of terrariums so long as manufacturing has not begun on custom orders. Custom terrariums are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. We do our best to estimate and post our current lead times but depending on our show schedule and workload, these might take up to 3-4 months to complete. Custom Glass Terrariums will always communicate with the customer on an estimated completion date of their order. Any modifications made by the customer after the order is placed could delay the completion date. Custom Glass Terrariums will not modify orders once manufacturing has begun.


Shipping Policy

Payment for shipping is the customer's responsibility and is not included in the terrarium pricing. It must be paid to Custom Glass Terrarium prior to shipping in order to complete the order. Individual terrariums can be shipped through UPS up to 22" x 17" x 24" for a competitive rate. Larger sized terrarium will have a $55 oversized charge in addition to normal shipping rates. Terrariums requiring a box size up to 28" x 22" x 30" will have a box fee of $10, and anything larger than that will have a $15 box fee.

Shipping for individual terrariums too large for UPS Ground will be done through Priority1. All pallet quantities or terrariums larger than 45" x 17" x 24" when boxed will be shipped through the freight forwarding company, Priority1 shipping 888-569-8035, unless the Customer has a preferred shipping company.


Orders large enough to need a pallet and require crating, will include 1" Styrofoam lining and a 5/8" wooden skin.  In addition to the cost of shipping, terrariums needing to be crated and palletized will have a crating cost of between $75 (for individual cages) and $150 (for multiple cages or large cages). This ensures Custom Glass Terrariums insurance through the transportation company is fully covered in case of damage during transport. Crated terrariums must have the delivery company's acknowledgement of any damage upon delivery, so the Customer must open crates in front of the driver when the delivery is made. This is to ensure the insurance is covered by the transport company in the event of damage.

Personal delivery by Custom Glass Terrariums to the Customer's address will be available if a delivery run is scheduled. Delivery will be scheduled at the convenience of Custom Glass Terrariums and is subject to change depending on changes in schedule, weather conditions and vehicle maintenance needs. All terrarium orders that are invoiced as personal delivery are not refundable due to non-delivery in the event CGT must reschedule delivery based on the collective orders changing dates for delivery. Truck line shipping will be available should Custom Glass Terrarium's schedule change. The amount paid for personal delivery will be applied to shipping and any difference in price will be paid by customer.


Refund & Claim Policy

Custom sized terrariums are non-refundable.  We offer exchanges on stock sized enclosures.  If customer would like to change an existing order for a smaller or larger enclosure, we will exchange any non-shipped enclosure with the difference in price paid by for the customer.  All payments are non-refundable after 48 hours of payment.

When receiving terrariums shipped via freight line, you must open the crate and inspect it while the driver is still there. If breakage is not reported at that time, we will not be able to process the claim. In the unfortunate event of breakage, it must be reported, and claim filed before the driver leaves. All damaged terrariums must be photographed, and the images being sent to with customer order number in the subject line, within 24 hours of arrival.

If there is breakage of terrariums shipped via UPS, you must take pictures of the outer box with the terrarium still in it, the visible breakage with the plastic wrapping still on it as well as pictures of breakage with the plastic and supports removed from the top. You will need to file a claim with UPS within 24 hours and attach the pictures. Images need to be sent to within 24 hours of arrival as well. Send with customer order number in the subject line.

All damaged terrariums will be automatically replaced as long as the previous steps have been followed and the claim is in process. The replacement terrarium will be shipped at the cost of the customer. When the claim is honored by the shipper, the shipping fees for the replacement will be reimbursed.