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What type of doors do the terrariums have? 

    All of our terrariums are made with sliding glass doors. Unfortunately, when we take pics, we get a terrible glare off of them, so the doors are not installed.


Can I request a higher substrate dam in order to make the terrarium a Paludarium?

     Yes, since all of the glass is hand cut in our shop, we can easily adjust the height. The price of the terrarium will not change with such a request.


Which Mistking nozzles need 1/2" misting holes and which need 5/8" misting holes?

     The Premium adjustable nozzles need 1/2" holes and the Value adjustable nozzles and Premium non-adjustable nozzles need 5/8" holes.


How would my terrarium be shipped?

     Smaller terrariums are shipped via UPS Ground. Larger terrariums that cannot be shipped via UPS are shipped on a pallet via local carrier. All terrariums shipped via local carrier are surrounded by 1" Styrofoam and then skinned in OSB plywood on a pallet. The doors will be in a separate crate on the top of the terrarium crate. We do this to avoid breakage due to shifting in transit.


Why is the shipping coming up at $999.99?

     Unfortunately, the website does not properly calculate orders shipped on pallets. To get an individual shipping quote please message us, letting us know what size terrarium(s) you are interested in and to what zip code they will be shipped to. We can easily complete the order through chat or email. We greatly apologize for the inconvenience.