Custom Glass Terrariums has been in business for over 16 years. Our designs and dimensions have changed over the years, but the goal of quality and function in our terrariums has never changed. We strongly believe the "One size Fits All" approach has no place in reptile keeping and each species deserves a proper reptile or amphibian cage to fit that species. "Their world, in yours..." has always been our mantra. We aim to offer what is best for your scaled or skinned pets while making sure it fits your desires and designated space. All cages are hand cut, polished and assembled to our high standards and specifications here in Maine using American Manufactured components. Many of our cages are designed to fit on the commonly used 48" Baker's/Metro racks perfectly. The baker's rack system has been our foundation since our beginning in 2006. 


     Between the management team we have over 55 years in the industry and forecast many more. Together we have kept and cared for over 600 species of reptiles and amphibians and bred over 300 of those species. We are very versed in what the species requirements are and how to best build with their needs in mind. We are strong believers in naturalistic bioactive environments. We offer misting holes, drain holes and the choice of standard screening or fruit fly screening. All our cages come with a vent on top of the enclosure and another vent just below the doors to ensure proper air circulation removing potential stagnation within the enclosure. We brought this feature from our friends at Kuk Terrarien when we first attended the Hamm, Germany show in 2004.  Many of our lessons in proper reptile enclosure design we learned from our European friends. In addition to our terrarium lines, we also manufacture rimless aquariums, turtle tanks and aquarium sumps, just ask for a quote. We are more than happy to discuss any custom needs you may have, send an email, give us a call, send us a message or hit the "chat" button.


Thank you

The Custom Glass Terrarium team