Hi! My name is Logan, and I'm the newest hire here at Custom Glass Terrariums (CGT for short). My dad is one of the 2 Jasons who work here, Jason Hooton. The other Jason, big boss man, has just been "Tree Ninja" for most of my life, and honestly that's not going to change. My dad and Tree Ninja have both been involved with the terrarium building and the reptile business for most of my life, and undoubtedly much longer.

This is technically my first job, and I'm already learning a lot. Turns out, these cages require a lot more work than I think a lot of people give it credit for. Raw glass, although heavy, is quite delicate if not handled properly. I guess you could say it's tedious, and yeah it can sometimes be, but it's still rewarding to see stubborn glass come together into a reptile's habitat/home. 

Biggest thing I've learned I think is that glass is heavy. I know that's kind of a "Duh." statement, but still. The X-Sander, used for sanding off the edges and corners, is a bit of a pain in the neck. Since doing this requires the user to hold the glass, it's a bit awkward. And the bigger pieces, we still have to hold them too in order to sand them, which is hard when they're so heavy. This stuff isn't easy, but I figure if it was easy, my dad and Tree Ninja wouldn't do it. I'm learning a lot, not just about the cage building and the business, but about working a job in the first place. It's rewarding so far, and I'm looking forward to learning and doing more. The reptile shows are probably going to be my favorite though.

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