Moving out here was an undertaking and a half. We're based in Maine, but I'm from California. My dad had already been here for around 4 and a half months before I flew out. Coming from a state where the average temperature is like 70 degrees or so to a state with the average temperature of in the upper 40s is jarring.

When I'd talk online with people who lived on the east coast, they'd go "Oh yeah, it's like 40, 45 degrees outside." I knew numerically that was cold. I knew that the 40s was cold. But I did not know how cold the 40s were. Getting to the shop in the morning feels like a walk-in freezer, except it's all the time. Working the glass under the X-Sander, which uses water to lubricate itself, is kind of miserable. I'm already cold, now my hands are wet too?! I have to take breaks so I can feel my poor fingers again.

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